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Mark King Rifles has been in business for 13 years, providing top-quality rifles to customers. Our owner has been into long-range shooting for 30 years, so rest assured you're dealing with someone knowledgeable in the gun business.    


You'll find the right gun barrel to match your needs and preferences when you visit our store. We have a range of sizes and brands for you to choose from. Get the sleek barrel you have been searching for from experienced professionals.

Sleek Barrels From the Professionals

Wide variety of gun barrels

•   6mm 1-8 TW - Contour MTU - Benchmark (Stainless Steel)

•   6mm 1-8 TW - Contour MTU - Bartlein (Stainless Steel)

•   7mm 1-9 TW - Contour #5 - Broughton - Fluted (Stainless Steel)

•   .257 1-10 TW - Contour #5 Broughton - Fluted (Stainless Steel)

•   .30 1-11 TW - Contour #5 - Krieger - Fluted (TM Chrome Molly)

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